Yair Netanyahu hopes UK diplomats ‘kicked out’ for using term ‘occupied’

Yair Netanyahu hopes UK diplomats ‘kicked out’ for using term ‘occupied’

Son of long-standing Israeli PM took aim at the British consulate in Jerusalem on Twitter, asking if he should visit 'the occupied lands of Scotland or Wales'

Benjamin Netanyahu’s son has said he hopes British diplomats are expelled from Israel because the British government refers to the Palestinian territories as “occupied”.

Yair Netanyahu, 28, walked into his latest controversy in response to London’s official communications regarding Prince Charles’ upcoming Royal Visit next month.

“God willing you guys will be kicked out of Israel soon,” he tweeted. “Until then I’m thinking of visiting the occupied lands of Scotland or Wales, which do you recommend?”

The British Government has referred to the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem as “occupied” for decades, and maintains an embassy in Tel Aviv because both Israelis and Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital.

Referring to the British consulate in East Jerusalem, he said this “pretends to be the embassy to the non-existing country of ‘Palestine,’” adding that “Northern Ireland is recognised as part of Britain by the entire world” and “nobody disputes Britain sovereignty there and claims it belong to the Republic of Ireland”.

The prime minister’s son has made a habit of posting controversial statements online and was recently banned from Facebook temporarily after he said he would “prefer it” if Muslims were kicked out of Israel.

In 2018, Israeli media outlets published recordings of Yair making disparaging comments about women, claiming to have solicited sex from prostitutes, and arguing for cash from a companion, saying it was only fair given the $20 billion gas deal “my father got you”.

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