World Roundup: Right-wing Polish group sues paper of Shoah law

World Roundup: Right-wing Polish group sues paper of Shoah law

Here's a snapshot of stories from around the Jewish world!

World News-roundup
World News-roundup

Country: Guatemala

Addressing America’s most influential lobbyists, Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales has told the AIPAC annual conference that his country will follow the US and relocate its Israel embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Morales, who campaigned against corruption, has been investigated himself in recent weeks.

Country: Argentina

A right-wing Polish group is suing an Argentinian newspaper for using a photo of Polish partisans to illustrate an article about the Jedwabne pogrom of 1941. The action is being taken using Poland’s new Holocaust law, which bans reference to ‘Polish death camps’ or Polish complicity in the Holocaust.

Country: Germany

Former Auschwitz guard Oskar Groening has filed his last clemency request before he begins a four-year prison sentence for being an accomplice to the murder of 300,000 Hungarian Jews. The 96-year old’s trial began almost three years ago. He has asked the Justice Minister of Lower Saxony to pardon him.

Country: United States

New York’s Center for Jewish History has opened a new exhibit called ‘Jews in Space.’ It ranges from 18th century rabbinic writing on astronomy to the dreidel, Torah pointer, traveling menorah and other religious artefacts that travelled into space with the first Jewish American astronaut, Jeffrey Hoffman.

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