World news-roundup: US rabbis protests Israel’s refugee plan

World news-roundup: US rabbis protests Israel’s refugee plan

Here's a snapshot of all the latest Jewish stories from around the globe

Country: United States

Hundreds of American rabbis have protested against Israel’s plans to deport thousands of African migrants. More than 750 rabbis and cantors signed an open letter, saying: ‘We Jews know far too well what happens when the world closes its doors to those forced to flee their homes.’

Country: Hungary

Jewish groups have praised a church in Hungary for cancelling a ceremony in honour of Admiral Miklos Horthy, who has been accused of collaborating with the Nazis during the war. It had been scheduled to take place on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Budapest.

Country: Ivory Coast

A group of 48 people have converted to Judaism in Cote d’Ivoire, the tiny West African nation, using a lagoon as a mikveh (ritual bath) for immersion. The Beth Din was flown in from Israel and America, and the male converts drew blood, since they had already been circumcised.

Country: Saudi Arabia

A Saudi-based Muslim organisation known for its anti-Semitism has rejected Holocaust denial in a letter to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. The head of the World Muslim League said: ‘We consider any denial of the Holocaust or minimising of its effect a crime and an insult.’

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