World news-roundup – Russian launches Jewish crypto-currency: ‘BitCoen’

World news-roundup – Russian launches Jewish crypto-currency: ‘BitCoen’

All the latest updates from across the Jewish world, this week including stories from Russia, Canada, Brazil and the U.S.A.

World News-roundup
World News-roundup

Country: Russia

An entrepreneur has launched the world’s first Jewish crypto-currency. Vyacheslav Semenchuk says BitCoen (a play on the most popular crypto-currency Bitcoin), is ‘kosher’ as it conforms to Jewish law, offers interest-free loans and is administered by a council made up of community members.

Country: Canada

A Jewish group in Toronto has complained about Nazi memorabilia being sold at a flea market in Ontario, calling it ‘horrific’. Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies took umbrage with a deck of cards printed with swastikas, stamps featuring Hitler, a Nazi flag and Hitler Youth pins.

Country: Brazil

A Jewish settler convicted of gunning down a Palestinian taxi driver in the West Bank in 2004 is to be extradited to Israel to serve his sentence, after being found hiding in a kosher restaurant in Sao Paulo. Yehoshua Elitzur used an M-16 military-style assault rifle in the attack. He was given 20 years for murder.

Country: United States

Serial killer David Berkowitz says he expects to die in jail but be ‘redeemed by God.’ The man known as ‘Son of Sam,’ now 64, was arrested 40 years ago this week for murdering six New Yorkers and wounding seven others in a series of gun attacks. Among his victims was 20-year old Stacy Moskowitz.

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