World news-roundup: Qatar won’t air American ‘Lobby’ film

World news-roundup: Qatar won’t air American ‘Lobby’ film

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World News-roundup
World News-roundup

Country: United States

An historically Jewish fraternity at Cornell University has been placed on probation for two years following an investigation into a ‘pig roast’ contest between new members. It has nothing to do with bacon and pork chops. Instead, members compete to see who can sleep with the heaviest women.

Country: Canada

University chiefs in Montreal have found that it was not anti-Semitic for students to vote to keep pro-Israel students out of the student union. Governors at McGill University noted that only one of the three students blacklisted was Jewish, and that the student body had earlier voted to back the boycott campaign.

Country:  Belgium

Jewish groups in Antwerp have disagreed with the findings of a Belgian police investigation which found that the drunk driver of a car that almost hit two Orthodox Jewish pedestrians was not a race-related attack. The Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism said it would pursue the matter through the courts.

Country: Qatar

Senior Qatari leaders have promised American Jewish leaders not to air a damning Al-Jazeera documentary on the pro-Israel lobby in the United States, in an effort to get help from the Trump White House in its diplomatic spat with neighbours. Qatar is being shunned and effectively cut-off by Gulf monarchies.

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