World news-roundup: Pope to receive Chumash

World news-roundup: Pope to receive Chumash

All the latest Jewish stories from around the world, this week covering the Vatican, America, Sweden and New Caledonia

Catholic leader Pope Francis
Catholic leader Pope Francis

Country: Vatican

Pope Francis is to receive a Chumash (a Torah in printed form) in a Vatican presentation on Thursday, with his friend Rabbi Abraham Skorka in attendance. It is a creation of young Spanish-Italian publishers as part of The Torah Project. The Pope will then add it to the city’s iconic art collection.

Country: United States

A prisoner in Tennessee serving a 56-year sentence for the disappearance of his wife and a plot to murder her parents is suing the state because his kosher food isn’t good enough. Perry March filed a 200-page lawsuit alleging religious discrimination, saying the quality of his provisions were not nutritious.

Country: Sweden

Furniture manufacturer IKEA has apologised for publishing a catalogue for Charedi men featuring no women. The chief executive for the Swedish firm in Israel, where there are three stores, said: ‘We realise that people are upset. The publication does not live up to what IKEA stands for and we apologise.’

Country: New Caledonia

A new Chabad House has opened in a far-flung Pacific atoll known for its barrier reef and scuba diving. New Caledonia, a special French collectivity, is home to about 250 Jews among its 250,000 residents. The dozen islands have beaches lined with palm trees, marine-rich lagoons and luxury boutiques.

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