World news-roundup: Israeli jailed in Azerbaijan seeks extradition

World news-roundup: Israeli jailed in Azerbaijan seeks extradition

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World News-roundup
World News-roundup

Country: Azerbaijan

A travel blogger with Israeli, Ukrainian and Russian passports has appealed to Azeri authorities to extradite him to Israel after he was jailed there for three years for visiting a disputed territory and insulting the country’s president. Alexander Lapshin, who lives in Haifa, wants to be near his family.

Country: Venezuela

More than two dozen Venezuelan Jews made aliyah last week after nationwide strikes and an escalating economic crisis led to fears of violence. Up to 26 Jews landed in Israel last week, relaying the gravity of the situation at home, saying basic items are unavailable. A Christian charity paid their air fares.

Country: Chile

A delegation of Jewish representatives met the Chilean president in Santiago to argue for anti-discrimination laws. Jewish leaders in Chile say ‘any minority can be violated’ with impunity without legislation to protect them. Chile is home to 15,000 Jews but 300,000 people with Palestinian heritage.

Country: Argentina

Argentinian officials have gifted a trove of historical documents to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. Almost 39,000 telegrams, memos and letters from 1939-40 were passed over, many relating to Nazi war criminals such as Adolf Eichmann and Erich Priebke, who fled there after the war.

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