World news-roundup: Israel at the Giro d’Italia

World news-roundup: Israel at the Giro d’Italia

Here's a snapshot from all the latest Jewish stories from around the globe!

Israel Cycling Academy in action!

Credit Noa Arnon
Israel Cycling Academy in action! Credit Noa Arnon

Country: France

A suburb of Paris led by a Communist mayor has officially recognised the State of Palestine. Gennevilliers’ Mayor Patrice Leclerc signed the executive order ‘recognising’ Palestine on Monday. Three other municipalities are preparing to do likewise, despite the moves having no effect on French foreign policy.

Country: Canada

A wealthy Jewish couple found dead at their home in Toronto were murdered, investigators now think. Philanthropists Barry and Honey Sherman made their money in pharmaceuticals, with Barry estimated to be worth around £3 billion. They were found hanged at their house but there were no signs of forced entry.

Country: Italy

Italy has honoured 87-year old Liliana Segre, one of the few Italian Jews who survived Auschwitz. Segre, by making her a Senator for Life in the run-up to International Holocaust Memorial Day. The country enacted anti-Semitic race laws 80 years ago this year, and of 776 Italian children deported, only 25 lived.

Country: Poland

The underground site of the Warsaw Ghetto could be listed as a protected Polish monument after the POLIN Jewish museum and the country’s Jewish Historical Society teamed up with the city conservation experts. Listing would mean that archaeologists would need to be present for any future excavation work.

Israel at the Giro d’Italia: Israel has been named one of four wild card teams to participate in the prestigious Giro d’Italia three-week cycling race, starting in Jerusalem on 4 May.

ICA Giro team
Credit Dvir Almog
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