World news-roundup: ‘Forensic investigation’ over non-kosher chicken in South Africa

World news-roundup: ‘Forensic investigation’ over non-kosher chicken in South Africa

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World News-roundup
World News-roundup

Country: South Africa

South Africa’s Chief Rabbi announced a ‘forensic investigation’ after after 20 treif (non-kosher) chickens were found in the kitchen of the country’s largest kosher caterer last week. In a video to the country’s Jewish community, Rabbi Warren Goldstein said: ‘We’re still trying to understand the impact of this.’

Country: Slovakia

An abandoned and dilapidated Jewish cemetery in the Slovakian village of Bátovce is being renewed for the country’s small remaining Jewish community. The cemetery had been reconstructed once, but has again fallen into disrepair. The latest maintenance push is the initiative of local villagers.

Country: Austria

Holocaust survivors in Israel are calling on Vienna to pay more in reparations on the eve of the 80th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s annexation of Austria. In 2001 the US Government and Jewish organisations agreed to set up a $210 million fund. But now survivors are asking for more, saying $1.5 billion was taken.

Country: Australia

An Israeli court temporarily released an Orthodox woman accused of sexually abusing 74 children at a Jewish school in Melbourne. Malka Leifer, who fled to Israel in the middle of the night, is wanted by Australian authorities. Israeli rabbis have argued against her deportation. She is now under house arrest.

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