World-news roundup: Germany preparing for trial of ex-Auschwitz guard, 93

World-news roundup: Germany preparing for trial of ex-Auschwitz guard, 93

World Roundup  World Roundup

Country: Ukraine
The body of a 28-year old Chasidic Israeli man has been found in near the site of a popular pilgrimage in Uman. Amir Ohana, who was visiting the grave of the founder of the Breslov movement, was found floating in river, with no shoes or socks. The father-of-three had said he was going to meditate.

Country: Germany
A German court is expecting medical clearance before the trial an ex-Auschwitz guard on 170,000 counts of accessory to murder. Reinhold Hanning, 93, would be only the second ex-Nazi over the age of 90 to stand trial if he is deemed mentally fit. The trial cannot begin until the health assessment is done.

Country: Austria
A Jewish historian has alleged ‘discrimination’ after he was jailed for a year for fraud. Stephan Templ had omitted his aunt from an application for Holocaust restitution, citing only his mother on a list of the asset’s heirs. The Anti-Defamation League has asked the Austrian government to pardon him.

Country: South Africa
Hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators have targeted the Cape Town concert of American star Pharell Williams, over his ties to Woolworths. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement alleges that the national retailer sources produce from the West Bank, which Woolworths denies.

Country: United States
Ronald Perelman, An American Jewish billionaire who recently became chairman of Carnegie Hall in New York has said he is stepping down, after losing a battle with the venue’s artistic director, who is British. Ron Perelman had pushed for the suspension of Clive Gillinson, but lost the backing of trustees by doing so.

Country: Australia
An Orthodox Jewish student at a Melbourne school has been awarded $1.2m for the ‘evil’ sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of a mother-of-eight headmistress, who is now on the run. Malka Leifer, who ran Adass Israel School, fled to Israel to escape prosecution, before being cited as a ‘serial sex abuser’.

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