World news-roundup!

World news-roundup!

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World News-roundup
World News-roundup

Country: Russia

House renovations have revealed the secret diaries of Ivan Serov, a Russian KGB chief, who records that Swedish diplomat and Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg was killed in a Soviet jail in 1947. Wallenberg issued protective passports to thousands of Jews from Hungary, before he disappeared in 1945.

Country: Germany

A university in Lower Saxony has pulled a seminar on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, citing ‘threats from multiple sources’. The course at HAWK University of Applied Sciences gave a one-sided anti-Israel perspective, said a Jewish teacher, who complained. A spokesman said the threats were ‘appalling’.

Country: France

A 12th-century yeshiva in the city of Rouen which is believed to be Europe’s oldest Jewish building is to be saved by French authorities, with $500,000 allocated for its preservation. The Sublime House, 70 miles north-west of Paris, suffers from humidity and poor ventilation and needs urgent repair work.

Country: Tunisia

A French embassy worker is Tunisia has said his Facebook account was hacked, after several anti-Semitic comments were posted under his name. Selim Dakhlaoui responded after he appeared to write about Hitler’s failure to ‘finish the job’. Another said: ‘Go to hell, Israel.’ French Jews lodged complaints.

Country: United States

A Jewish American politician has been elected as the presidential nominee of the U.S. Green Party. Jill Stein, who has criticised Israeli actions as war crimes, stands to win much of the support previously given to Democratic left-wing senator Bernie Sanders, who now endorses Hillary Clinton for president.

Country: Spain

Jerusalem’s chief rabbi was at a loss this week to explain why the Spanish government had suddenly and inexplicably made him a Spanish citizen. Rabbi Shlomo Amar, who was born in Morocco, said he did not ask for citizenship. He believed it may have been in recognition of his work for Sephardi Jewry.

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