World news roundup: Israeli tourist released from jail after Paris drone

World news roundup: Israeli tourist released from jail after Paris drone

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An Orthodox group has filed a lawsuit to stop a severely-disabled woman’s brother taking her off life support. Eileen Beth Kramer, 60, is terminally ill and has been on life support for almost a month. The Orthodox group, which cared for her, say Jewish law forbids any action that would hasten someone’s death.

An Israeli tourist has been released from jail for flying a drone over Paris landmarks, including Notre Dame Cathedral, the historic Hotel Dieu hospital and a police station. The 24-year old man, who had equipped the drone with a professional mounted camera, was fined for non-compliance of aircraft safety laws.

Dutch police advised a Jewish man living in a mainly Muslim area not to erect a sukkah outside his house because it could be vandalised. Fabrice Schomberg, one of a dozen Jewish residents in a large 200-unit complex near The Hague, did it anyway, despite several ISIS flags now being flown near his house.

The head of the Sudanese Chess Association has found himself checkmate after ordering Omar Albargdar Eltigani to pull out of a match against an Israeli player at the World Youth Chess Championships in South Africa. Tariq Zaroog resigned after telling Eltigani that Sudan did not recognise ‘the Zionist entity’.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has said that a Gaza fundraising initiative by Argentina’s Congress ‘endorses anti-Semitic hate and violence’. Directors Dr. Shimon Samuels and Sergio Widder hit out at the event, which will include a video and debate featuring a Jewish journalist, because it ‘endorses Hamas’.

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) has said it will partner Israel’s humanitarian relief agency to provide assistance to Ebola victims in West Africa. With teams and clinics already set up, the focus of interventions will be through health education and awareness training, as well as psychosocial support training.