Williamson: ‘Dark forces’ use ‘media contacts’ to sabotage Corbyn

Williamson: ‘Dark forces’ use ‘media contacts’ to sabotage Corbyn

Suspended Labour MP made comments at a meeting in support of Marc Wadsworth, where a party councillor joked about 'Jew process'

Councillor Jo Bird and MP Chris Williamson
Councillor Jo Bird and MP Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson claims “dark forces” are using their “power” and “contacts in the media” to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn in comments first reported by the Mail on Sunday.

Williamson was one of several guest speakers to speak at a meeting of Labour supporters in Manchester last year backing Marc Wadsworth, the activist expelled for reducing Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth to tears at the launch of the party’s report into antisemitism.

In audio leaked to the Mail on Sunday and Jewish Chronicle, Chris Williamson can be heard telling the audience: “What we want to do is not just win an election. We are in the process of changing the course of history. That’s what is at stake.

“And that’s why certain dark forces are using their power, using their contacts in the media, in order to undermine this project.

“In order to take out key allies like Marc and others from the struggle. And we cannot let it stand.”

Councillor Jo Bird from Wirral Council, a member of Jewish Voice For Labour, can also be heard on the recording, joking that “due process” should be renamed “Jew process”.

Councillor Jo Bird also told the audience that the Labour election slogan “For The Many Not The Few” should be changed to “Bad for the many – as well as bad for the Jews.”

She ended her speech by altering the first line in pastor Martin Niemöller’s Holocaust poem “First They Came For” to “Then they came for the anti-Zionists.”

She continued: “They came for the socialists, but they couldn’t get us because we were having a party, the Labour Party.”

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