Wiley’s YouTube account disappears

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Wiley’s YouTube account disappears

Video-sharing site follows Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in censoring the grime artist following a stream of antisemitic tweets


YouTube this week became the latest online platform to stop hosting British grime artist Wiley after his antisemitic outburst on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook last month led to those platforms kicking him off.

The Google-owned video-sharing site confirmed last week that it had already suspended monetisation on Wiley’s videos following his ban from other platforms and now appears to have followed up by its own ban, after commentators on Wednesday noted that Wiley’s YouTube official account had disappeared.

Board of Deputies’ vice-president Amanda Bowman said she “welcomed the belated decision” by YouTube “to terminate Wiley’s channels, following continued antisemitic outbursts by the rapper”.

She said the Board had asked YouTube “to pre-emptively block Wiley as it was obvious that he would seek to reoffend elsewhere”, adding: “Sadly, we were proven correct”.

Bowman said: “Although we would have wanted YouTube to take advance action on this, we welcome their decision today to terminate Wiley’s channels from their platforms for his repeated violations.”

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