‘WHAT IF?’ Video produced to challenge Jewish community over Ukraine crisis

‘WHAT IF?’ Video produced to challenge Jewish community over Ukraine crisis

World Jewish Relief have produced a video asking ‘what would we do if something similar to the Ukrainian conflict was happening in north London,’ challenging the Jewish community to think about the suffering in East Europe.

As fighting continues amid a growing humanitarian crisis in the east of Ukraine, over 2 million people have fled their homes, leaving everything behind – a scenario which, to many, is almost unimaginable.

“Nobody is immune to the impact of the conflict,” said a spokesman. “Families who were once living in safety, with stable jobs and secure incomes have found that their lives have been torn apart.”

The organisation’s new video, set in a home in North London, asks how viewers would feel if they lost their job, or couldn’t feed their family, or had to decide whether to stay at home or leave their family behind.

“It’s incredibly difficult to imagine how life would change if the country you lived in was plunged into war and you could no longer afford basic necessities,” said WJR manager Claudine Harris. “But this is the reality for thousands of people in Ukraine. It is so important that we continue to talk about the forgotten humanitarian crisis on Europe’s doorstep, as well as offering vital life-saving support. As winter approaches, the situation is only going to get worse. We have a responsibility to continue our vital work at this difficult time.”

World Jewish Relief provides critical food, medicine, homecare and emotional support for vulnerable people in need. As the crisis continues, back-to-work training and support is also being extended to those who have had to flee their homes and jobs.


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