Welcome to our shul! This week – Brondesbury Park Synagogue

Welcome to our shul! This week – Brondesbury Park Synagogue

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Brondesbury Park Synagogue


Rabbi Baruch Levin

When was the shul founded?

The synagogue was founded in 1934.

How large is your congregation?

550 adult members and 300 children.

What does your synagogue offer young families?

With more than 75 children born into the community in the last three years, we offer an Ofsted-registered nursery, a weekly Mummy & Me informal get-together and a wide range of children services for toddlers through to a full youth service with our youth team.

Is there a cheder? How many attend?

We have been determined to operate a different and engaging kind of cheder – attended by 45 children, classes run on a Monday afternoon after school.

Please share an interesting fact about the shul we may not know…

In 2004 the shul was the last of five synagogues still operating in the Willesden area, with a rapidly shrinking membership. Thanks to far-sighted spiritual and lay leadership, hard work and a strong collective spirit, we have been blessed to see an amazing resurgence of Jewish life in a heartland of Anglo Jewry.

Tell us about upcoming events you have planned

Our annual summer tea party for the ‘young-at-heart’ members of the community, becomes a special inter-generational moment drawing together the older and younger members of the community. The annual family sports day in September is a great way for the community to reconnect on the other side of a busy summer.

What are the highlights of your Shabbat morning kiddush?

There is a healthy dose of chulent, washed down with a good single malt – l’chaim. A profiterole swan has also been known to make an appearance!

Shul website: www.bpark.org Contact number: 020 8459 1083

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