WATCH – Jewish actress Mayim Bialik mocks Piers Morgan…by flashing her cleavage! #Cleavagegate

WATCH – Jewish actress Mayim Bialik mocks Piers Morgan…by flashing her cleavage! #Cleavagegate


If handed the opportunity, most Hollywood stars would leap at the chance to give tabloid pariah Piers Morgan a public dressing down.

And it seems Jewish actress Mayim Bialik has taken the phrase literally.

In a fiery turn on James Corden’s Late Late Show, the Big Bang Theory star took Morgan to task over his criticism of fellow actress Susan Sarandon – by showing him her cleavage.

Morgan had questioned the 69-year-old Oscar winner’s choice of a low-cut outfit at last week’s Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, where she presented its annual memorial presentation.

Grilled by Corden on his comments, the divisive newsman said: “I had a slight problem watching [the awards ceremony], because she was presenting what is normally a pretty solemn, very respectful tribute to people who’ve died during the previous year.

“And I thought, you know what – actually a little bit tacky. So I tweeted this, and all hell breaks loose.

“Then a very strange thing happens. The feminists of the world decided to punish me by sending me thousands of pictures of their own cleavage!”

Declaring herself a feminist, Bialik interrupted Morgan, before turning her back to the camera and pulling down her neckline – much to his embarrassment.

Despite the delight of the studio audience, however, Bialik soon found herself the target of online vitriol.

Scores of tweeters accused the actress of sexual harassment – only to be curtly told to “get a grip” by the actress.

Morgan – who was rendered red-faced and temporarily speechless by the incident – also dismissed the claims.

The former Daily Mirror editor tweeted that he had “never felt less sexually harassed”.

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