WATCH: James Corden takes over a shift at a Kosher butcher!

WATCH: James Corden takes over a shift at a Kosher butcher!

TV funnyman James Corden stepped in to relieve an L.A. Kosher supermarket assistant of his busy Friday afternoon shift – showing off his knowledge of Yiddish in a segment from his new US chat show.

Looking dapper in a blue yarmulke, mischievous Corden – who has filled in at mattress shops, juice bars and delicatessens as part of the Late Late Show’s ‘Take a Break’ segment – plays checkout assistant and butcher at the city’s Western Kosher, bantering with staff and even roping customers into an impromptu klezmer-style song and dance routine.

Ever the charmer, he finds himself invited to shabbat dinner at a customer’s home just minutes into his shift – and claims to be “kvelling” at the prospect.

The comedian, who tells his would-be host that “all” of his friends are Jewish, lives up to his screen persona…giving away produce, shouting down the phone, using a meat cutter to slice his wife’s credit card and doing doughnuts on a hijacked forklift truck.

Corden’s brief stint as a Kosher supermarket employee isn’t the first time he has got stuck into Jewish community life – the chat show host is currently running a competition to have him headline a bar or bat mitzvah.


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