WATCH: Israeli reporter stabbed while demonstrating knife-proof vest

WATCH: Israeli reporter stabbed while demonstrating knife-proof vest

An Israeli reporter suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction on TV when he was accidentally stabbed through a stab-proof vest – by the boss of the company which manufactured it.

Channel 2’s Etiam Lachover had visited the firm to film a report about stab-proof clothing, which is experiencing a spike in demand against a backdrop of stabbing attacks by Palestinians.

But a practical demonstration of the protective gear saw the journalist hospitalised and needing stitches.

Company boss Yaniv Montakyo had asked Lachover to try the vest on to demonstrate a failed attack – but instead penetrated the garment and wounded the reporter’s back.

Moments before the blunder, he had boasted: ‘You have nothing to worry about. We are very confident in our product.

“This product can protect from knives that are stronger than this one. May I? Don’t be afraid.”

Montakyo said he had accidentally stabbed part of the vest which had no protective material.

Embarrassingly, an earlier take had seen Lachover escape unscathed – but footage of the accidental knifing was still broadcast.

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