Wackybooths’ snap, crackle and FLASH – Simchas Live 2017

Wackybooths’ snap, crackle and FLASH – Simchas Live 2017

It's time to get silly courtesy of Sarena & David Chevin ahead of the Simcha show!

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

It’s that time at a function when putting on a cowboy hat, false moustache and over-sized specs is the only thing to do.

A time to get silly courtesy of Sarena & David Chevin who love that ‘Wacky’ hour when guests pile in their Wackybooths and behave like children.

Sometimes they actually are children as posing with their amazing props has no age limit. So, over to Sarena & David…

When did you start Wackybooth?

Five years ago when clients kept asking us to recommend a Photobooth company. We thought it would compliment David’s Video Production business Chevin Video and it’s gone from strength to strength.

Last year we were a part of over 300 Simchas and can now offer our clients a choice from 5 different styles of Wackybooth inc 2 Wacky Magic Mirrors and even an Inflatable Booth.

What do you love about it?

How can you not enjoy a job that involves working with people having a great time?! Everyone loves dressing up and jumping in a Wackybooth and we love being part of people’s celebrations. Our Fab Magic Mirrors offer an alternative full Length glamour shot along with lots of other fun Interactive features so guests have a great choice of products.    

Can you fit into any space?

We do have Photobooths of all shapes and sizes but generally we need an area of around 2m square.

What is the starting price?

Wackybooths prices start from around £500 for a weekday event depending on what package you choose.

What can you do in the booth to have even more fun?

That’s cheeky! But on a serious note, all our Wackybooths have built in wind machines, a choice of colour or black and white print options, choice by touchscreen of over 30 different backgrounds and we also use an external social Media Ipad Station to instantly upload your favourite images
wherever you want. We also continuously rotate our extensive range of props to
keep all the pictures looking fresh and original all night long.

sales@wackybooth.co.uk or call David & Sarena on 020 8502 7232

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