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Voice of the Jewish News: Zoom for improvement

This week's editorial reflects on the use of technology in Shoah education during the pandemic, and how survivors are coping with the new reality

Lily Ebert on Zoom
Lily Ebert on Zoom

Holocaust survivors have made it their mission in life to educate about the horrors they endured, lest subsequent generations forget. 

Much of their inspirational work is conducted in schools and community centres, which closed their doors when the pandemic struck. This week we report on how these inspiring role models are taking their lessons online. It hasn’t been easy. As with many older members of the community, lockdown has made feelings of isolation and loneliness more acute. 

Seeing 96-year-old Lily Ebert on her first Zoom call from the comfort of her living room is a reminder that this is a resilient and resourceful generation. 

But it’s also a warning about the future of Shoah education, when survivors are not here to tell their story first-hand anymore. 

As Stephen Frank says, a virtual education will always be second best, but “second best is better than nothing at all”.

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