Voice of the Jewish News: Spreading light and hope amid this crisis 

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Voice of the Jewish News: Spreading light and hope amid this crisis 

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the community, we focus on positivity and look for light at the end of the tunnel with our inspirational Twenty-Five Under 25

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Meet our amazing 25 Under 25!
Meet our amazing 25 Under 25!

In these dark days for our community, our country and our world, any glimmer of light can be hard to detect and harder to be widely noticed. No more so than this week which has left 22 families in mourning. 

We wish them all long life at a time of unimaginable pain – made all the more so because of the absence of traditional Jewish rituals. 

This tragedy has also brought out the very best in so many people. Our community has come together to launch fundraising appeals, to volunteer in their hundreds and to offer a hand of friendship – albeit from afar. 

Jewish News is full square behind several projects and is committed to doing our bit to inform and ease feelings of loneliness at this intensely difficult moment. 

Journalists are often accused of only going after the negatives, but our dedicated team of journalists have pounced on every hint of positivity, striving to offer some light and hope amid the crisis. 

It’s also why our internal discussion about whether to move ahead with our plans to begin the Jewish News/JLC Twenty- five under 25 countdown of young leaders was a very short  one indeed. 

Now more than ever, we need to see some light at the end of the tunnel and these inspirational young people offer that in spades. 

Whether in politics, activism, interfaith or the rabbinate, their achievements at such a young age provide all the reassurance you could want that our community is in safe hands. And many many more than just 25 pairs of hands – hence our decision to also highlight those who ‘just missed out’ this week. 

Mazeltov to all of them. When this nightmare ends, as it will, we pray, sooner rather than later – they will have a key part in pressing forward, online and elsewhere. 

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