VOICE OF THE JEWISH NEWS: Keep Sir Nicky’s memory alive

VOICE OF THE JEWISH NEWS: Keep Sir Nicky’s memory alive

Nicky Winton 105 birthday resizedThe word hero is bandied about far too readily, but when it comes to Sir Nicholas Winton, it can’t be used enough. During his lifetime, he was deservedly knighted by the Queen, decorated by the Czech Government and a statue was erected in Maidenhead where he lived.

But this unassuming British hero must continue to be held up as an example now he is no longer with us. A stamp from the Royal Mail would be a fitting way for a great British institution to pay tribute to one of its greatest sons – and Jewish News calls on people of all backgrounds to back our campaign for such a tribute.

The petition can be found here: ‘A stamp to honour Sir Nicholas Winton

We can think of few as deserving of this honour as Sir Nicholas. But more can also be done to ensure his story lives on for generations. This year’s 70th anniversary of the liberation of the camps focused minds on how we preserve the voices of the survivors after they can no longer tell their stories – but the heroes that shone a light during that dark era will also not be around forever.

Encouraging teachers to include specific reference to Sir Nicholas during Holocaust studies in schools nationwide through special resources will help ensure his memory lives on and that his name serves as a reference point for humanity and heroism for the next generation.

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