VOICE OF THE JEWISH NEWS: Faces of the future

VOICE OF THE JEWISH NEWS: Faces of the future

Voice of the Jewish News
Voice of the Jewish News

Jewish News’ Twenty-Five Under 25 and Forty Under 40 reception at Facebook headquarters was a celebration very much in the here and now. But for many of the 100 special guests assembled, their time is still to come.

In recent weeks, this newspaper finally put an end to every Jewish mother’s anticipation by revealing the communal stars of tomorrow in our Under 40 and Under 25 lists – topped respectively by Labour party MP Luciana Berger and UJS president Ella Rose.

Unlike other communal countdowns, ours were not concerned with those who have already made it big, but those who are about to.

So those who graced our celebration reception truly are the faces of the future. To have them all in the same room last Thursday night was a memory many will share in years to come as they reach the pinnacles of their professions.

As your community newspaper, we schlepped nachas showcasing the vibrant pool of talent that exists among us. But of course these lists are just the start.

Now the onus is on seeing this potential flourish by encouraging and nurturing our brightest and best.

To quote Facebook vice president Nicola Mendelsohn’s rousing reception speech: ”We are stronger, wiser and better when we band together. Think of the ways you can help each other – all of us together are better than any one of us alone.”

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