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Voice of Jewish sport


NORMALLY when a football club decides to call it a day, there’s a heavy tinge of sadness with the announcement. And while the fact that there will no longer be a Norstar (pictured) or North London Raiders is a sombre thought – and it is for both clubs the end of an era having more than 50 years of experience between them – there is still plenty to look forward to with the formation of Norstar London Raiders. Hoping the decision will see the new team ‘deliver major silverware’, Raiders chairman Jonathan Adelman has described the merger as a ‘bittersweet moment for the club’. And while hoping the move can lead to glory, he also says it will safeguard the future of both clubs. Time will tell – particularly on the first count.

HAVING recently told this newspaper that he’s considering his future in the sport, boxer Dmitriy Salita has pinpointed – or as the Americans say – ‘sounded out’ Gabriel Bracero for his next fight in June. Hoping to get the bout, which will be fought in New York, televised by cable channel Showtime, his potential opponent for his part is seemingly all in favour of the fight, tweeting: “I love the idea.” A far cry away from his previous challengers, notably Hector Camacho Jr, whose last-minute pull-out – which led to him pondering his future in the ring. Salita said: “At this level of my career, I need the network and promoter to want to make these step up fights. My friends in the boxing world tell me that logically it does not make sense that I do not get good opportunities, especially in New York City, the world’s biggest Jewish metropolis. My record and fan support should make things easy, but they are very hard.”

TALKING about the start of new things, today sees the start of the Jewish News’ brand new website. So to keep up-to-date with all the latest in the world of Jewish sport, visit: www.jewishnews.co.uk

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