Voice of Jewish Sport: Sunday’s cup tie was simply the best

Voice of Jewish Sport: Sunday’s cup tie was simply the best

Dovi Fehler netted Hendon’s winning penalty in their epic cup win over Redbridge

I’VE BEEN doing this job for quite a while now so have a few years behind me when being certain about what I’m about to say. Sunday’s Cyril Anekstein Cup quarter-final tie between Hendon A and Redbridge WAS THE BEST Jewish football club game I’ve ever seen, and people more experienced than me in the game – namely the two managers – were in total agreement. Twelve goals, 14 penalties, two sending-offs, countless chances, woodwork hit, a bit of needle and crunching tackles all contributed to the most stunning of spectacles which really did leave you breathless. At a time when Jewish football faces a difficult crossroads – with a meeting set to be held in a couple of weeks to address issues in the game – this game was the most timeliest of reminders of everything that is good about the game. It really did, to coin a phrase, prove that Jewish football is still alive and kicking. The only shame was that there were less than a dozen people there watching it. The good news though is you can relive all the highlights and drama here

YOSSI BENAYOUN reportedly wants to help football grow in Australian after his agent Gustavo Crnko said the former Israeli captain is interested in potentially moving to the A-League. The 35-year-old enjoyed a lengthy spell in England, playing for Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham and QPR, and is currently at Maccabi Haifa. Crnko said: “It’s a very attractive offer to many coaches and players, the lifestyle is very appealing, we hope to be able to help grow the game in an emerging market as well for the good of all football.” No mention of earnings though.

AVRAM GRANT, who has in the past been accused of not showing enough interest in Ghanaian football has now hit out over the state of the game in the country, reportedly being unhappy over the delayed start of the top flight of domestic football. As if he needs to make any more enemies there.

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