Voice of Jewish Sport: Faithfold’s demise is a warning to all

Voice of Jewish Sport: Faithfold’s demise is a warning to all

Faithfold A celebrating their Premier Division title in 2013

WHILE IT came as no great surprise, the fact that a team of the stature of Faithfold A has been forced to disband should send a warning to all. Formed 26 years ago, it won the Premier Division title three times since 2000, a record bettered only by North West Neasden, who incidently went the same way a couple of years ago. Its eventual demise came as a result of a lack of numbers and the fact that it lost all 10 of league games this season – facts which are both startling and staggering given the club’s prestige and stature. The second club to fold this year, after last season’s Division Two champions London Rovers suffered a similar fate, the league now stands at 32 teams, and it’s fair to suggest that number will go down further. So what to do next? League chairman David Wolff has vowed: “We will do all we can to increase the numbers and stop others from falling by the wayside”, and has reaffirmed how a sub-committee has been established to try and address what’s becoming a worrying trend. The most disturbing thing of all though is if it can happen to Faithfold A, it really can happen to anyone. If anything positive can be taken from this, it’s that this has highlighted what a serious situation Jewish football now finds itself in.

TALKING OF worrying predicaments, unless you’re a Chelsea fan, you’d have had a good old laugh at the expense of the west London club, pretty much since the start of September. And as the ‘Special One’ became the ‘Sacked One’, numerous names have been linked with the vacant manager’s job. While the bookies favourites are Diego Simeone and Pep Guardiola, Real Sosobad manager Daniel Shafron has thrown his name in the hat and sent his CV to Roman Abramovich. Citing notable signings he’s brought to the club, he also, amongst other things, outlined his tactical skills in reverting to a 3-4-3 formation to beat London Rovers 6-0. Wouldn’t though bet on Sosobad having to look for a new boss just yet…

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