Voice of Jewish Sport: Talk is cheap, now is the time to act

Voice of Jewish Sport: Talk is cheap, now is the time to act

North London Raiders have three sides in the League – with their A’s lifting the Premier Division last season

BT’S ADVERTISING campaign of the mid-1990’s famously told us “It’s good to talk” and that’s certainly what happened on Monday night at a meeting held by MGBSFL officials and team managers to discuss the future of Jewish football. Someone else also once said “talk is cheap” and having spent the best part of two hours discussing the League’s declining numbers and how we can address it, action now needs to be taken. As chairman David Wolff said, introducing roll-on roll-off subs, midweek fixtures and emergency registrations are mere tweaks to the system. They may bring in a few names, but not teams, or at least the numbers which offer a healthier future. Also not believing reformatting the League – introducing an NFL-style play-off system – or making it non-FA affiliated is a starter, he does though think making inroads at colleges and universities through JSOC, and setting up a new junior league, which would serve as a production line, allowing youngsters to stay in Jewish football and then go on to men’s football, are ideas that need to be investigated. The fact the meeting was held indicates these are troublesome times, but it should be remembered it’s not all doom and gloom. Yes, we are down from 64 teams and six divisions to 32 teams and three divisions, but we do still have more than 30 teams and 1,000 registered players. Yes, there’s work to be done, talks to be had, and plans put into action. The first step has been accomplished – realising the problem. The talking’s been done, now to start on the solution.

IF WE EVER wanted to promote the League is a positive light, seeing Jewish News’ Hendon 6 Redbridge 6 cup thriller video go viral certainly would have done the trick. The ‘best Jewish game ever’, at the last count, had amassed more than 131,000 views, received hundreds of likes and shares, with similar figures commenting on it. Now to get on film a 7-7 epic…

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