Voice of Jewish Sport

Voice of Jewish Sport

RAIDERSWITH THREE months of the season to go – and barely three months played given the horrendous weather conditions– Norstar London Raiders B are already celebrating promotion having chalked up their 14th win from 17 games. Just reward for their fine season, Jonathan Adelman’s side are still unbeaten as they go into their final game of the season next weekend, and have only dropped six points all campaign. Scoring 66 goals in the process, they’ve undoubtedly been the team to beat in Division Two this year and it will be fitting if they can avoid defeat against AC Mill Hill to become the first Raiders team to go through an 18-game season unbeaten.

CHEERLEADERS in Israeli sport could be a thing of the past after Limor Livnat, the Culture and Sports Minister, said she wanted the country’s basketball authorities to put an end to them performing at games. Livant’s stance comes after 19 women’s right groups sent her a letter which read: “It’s clear to us…the attendance of cheerleaders in basketball games is not only illegal, and should be revoked immediately, but also deepens the sexist treatment of teenage girls and women, and could thus elevate the sexual violence towards us and the social perception of teen girls and women as sexual objects.” Livnat replied: “When I see the cheerleaders, it gives me the shivers. I have suggested that Administration consider completely cancelling the cheerleaders’ performances.” On the back of that damning letter, it would have been hard for her to do anything else.

JEWS AND the Winter Olympics have never exactly gone hand in hand, in fact the first 18 Games (between 1924 and 1998), has only seen 11 medals being won by Jews. Salt Lake City in 2002 seemed to signal a change of fortunes, with three medal wins, and ever since a Jewish athlete has set foot on the podium. Sochi’s proved no different with two Americans and a Canadian already claiming success. Israel are still awaiting their first ever Games medal. Rome wasn’t built in a day…

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