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Voice of Jewish Sport

Qatari broadcasters blanked out the Israeli flag duwing last week’s World Cup swimming event

IN THE light of Israel’s flag being wiped off the face of a World Swimming event in Qatar, the sports’ governing body FINA has formally warned officials in both Qatar and the United Arab Emirates for their behaviour. Executive Director Cornel Marculescu said the two organising committees apologised for the “stupid” incidents in the past week. Those stupid incidents included Israel’s name and flag censored in pre-race introductions and television broadcasts. Laying the finger of blame at the local organising committees, Marculescu said the tournament overall “was a good experience”, and as for those indiscretions, “no more is it going to happen.” Not exactly the damning epercussions the Israelis were hoping for. Noam Zwi, the President of the Israeli Swimming Association, last week said a simple apology wouldn’t be enough, and reaffirmed that stance yesterday. Also believing that high-ranking officials were to blame as opposed to the local swimming organising committee, Zwi has threatend legal action if they’re not told by FINA who was behind the orders. This story has legs on it.

IT SEEMS Yossi Benayoun could be set to sign for a fifth English club with Championship side QPR reportedly about to acquire his services. His ‘representatives’ suggested the west London club were among several clubs looking at him, which led to reports that he was about to sign for them. The former Israel captain was supposedly invited to train with them, but manager Harry Redknapp said: “Someone rang me about him a week ago and I said I’d be interested enough to look at him and see how he looks, but I haven’t heard anything more.” Not only has Benayoun not enjoyed any first team football this season, he also no longer has an agent acting for him, which would suggest why it’s been a bit of a prolonged affair.

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