VOICE OF THE JEWISH NEWS: The future is now!

VOICE OF THE JEWISH NEWS: The future is now!

Voice of the Jewish News
Voice of the Jewish News

Voice-of-the-JN1-e1411560606212Back in 2010, this newspaper launched an initiative called Forty Under 40, which set out to pinpoint individuals who appeared poised to shape the future direction of Anglo-Jewry through their work in politics, charity, education and other spheres of influence.

  • You can submit your nomination for Forty Under 40: CLICK HERE
  • You can submit your nomination for Twenty-Five Under 25: CLICK HERE

Readers were invited to nominate individuals under 40 who deserved to be included in our top 40. After months of voting and intense debate, our winner was named as Oxford graduate Elliott Goldstein, under whose leadership Limmud became what many still describe as “British-Jewry’s greatest export”.

Elliott has become even busier and more in demand in recent years. He currently works as a headhunter and partner at the Executive Search Firm, while communally he occupies senior roles at JW3, Norwood and the London School of Jewish Studies.

All this, and he is still under 40! Well, five years seemed like the perfect time to have elapsed to do it all again! On pages four and five of this week’s issue, we launch the 2015 version of Forty Under 40 – in association with the Jewish Leadership Council.

This time around we’re also launching Twenty-Five Under 25, emphasising and celebrating the communal achievements of those still in education and recent graduates.

We’ve compiled an expert panel to whittling down your’ nominations and add a few of their own. No easy task! So nominate now at jewish news.co.uk – and help make our panel’s task even tougher!