VIDEO: Yobs attack Jewish girls with fireworks

VIDEO: Yobs attack Jewish girls with fireworks

This is the shocking moment a gang of youths launched a firework at Jewish children on a north London street.

This is the shocking moment a gang of yobs launched a firework at an eight-year-old Jewish girl on a north London street.

Footage from neighbourhood watch group Shomrim shows a lit rocket being launched at a group of Orthodox girls, inflicting minor burns on one of the children.

A police spokesperson told Jewish News “There were no reports of any injuries at the time although the parents of a girl who was present stated her clothing had been marked by the firework as a result of the incident. It is an offence to throw or let-off a firework in a street or public place and this incident demonstrates the dangers of doing so.”

They said no arrests had been made as investigations continue, though the incident is “not being treated as a hate crime”.

Shomrim told Jewish News: “The firework made a hole in some of the girl’s clothes and she suffered minor burns on her leg, which was treated on scene by a family relative who’s a first-aider. The girl is a Canadian, and was in London visiting her grandparents”.

The incident, caught on camera by Shomrim, shows five youths on the side of the road, with their faces covered. After three leave the scene, two remain on the pavement, before one of them fires the rocket at the young Orthodox girls.

The incident happened on Friday 21 October at 19:45 on Cranwich Road in Hackney.

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