VIDEO: Israeli shouts ‘you killed six million’ whilst being arrested on Austrian flight

VIDEO: Israeli shouts ‘you killed six million’ whilst being arrested on Austrian flight

An Israeli passenger has been arrested on an Austrian Airlines flight to Israel, telling the police ‘you killed six million’, before being apprehended.

Israeli photographer Yossi Davidov was on a flight from Vienna to Tel Aviv, when according to YNet News, he and his companions began to argue with the staff over bringing camera equipment onto the flight.

The equipment was was overweight and thus needed to be checked in – but the photographer was unwilling to allow his expensive cameras out of his sight. 

As Austrian police came to remove him from the plane – Davidov said he didn’t understand the guards who were speaking in English.

As they began to try and arrest him, he starts shouting in English. 

He shouts: “Don’t touch me don’t touch me.”

Davidov then tells the officers, “You don’t like us because we are Jews”.

“You killed six million, you will not kill another one”

He was then forcibly led off the plane in to a police car, whilst the captain of the plane told the 220 passengers on board, that the aircraft would be delayed for at least 45 minutes as a result of the scuffle.

After being questioned by police, Davidov was charged with attacking an officer, and causing a disturbance on a flight, in addition to a 100 Euro fine.

His lawyer said: “My client is very sorry for what happened, and would not repeat this behaviour again”. Austrian Airlines said they were “saddened by these situations and our primary focus is the safety of the flight and all passengers aboard”.

An Israeli passenger told Ynet, that he was ‘”really embarrassed when they announced that an Israeli is causing a disturbance.’

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