VIDEO – Corbyn heckled at LFI event: “Say the word Israel”

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VIDEO – Corbyn heckled at LFI event: “Say the word Israel”

Jeremy Corbyn alongside Eitan Na’eh, Erel Margalit, Tom Watson and Hilary Benn

Jeremy Corbyn was heckled during a Labour Friends of Israel conference event, for failing to say the word Israel.

The Labour leader’s eight-minute address on Tuesday night in Brighton failed to mention the name of the country, drawing anger from one member of the audience.

He did get a few laughs though, diplomatically negotiating his way through the issue of people he disagreed with. 

He said: “I, as you know, have taken an enormous interest in the affairs of the Middle East for a very long time. I’ve been nine times on visits, I’ve visited many places in the region and met many people – some I agree with, some I don’t agree with, some … I have neutral opinions on lots of things.”

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