Video asks people to match religions with texts to improve ‘faith literacy’

Video asks people to match religions with texts to improve ‘faith literacy’

'Guess the Faith' was produced to encourage young people to gain a better understanding of other cultures and religions

Improving ‘faith literacy’ is at the heart of a new video which asks young people to ‘guess’ a religion based on a piece of scriptural text.

Faith Matters’ video has been produced to encourage of greater understanding of backgrounds and cultures, challenging young people’s knowledge of religions.

The three minute clip, made to “highlight the importance of faith literacy and how this is important in a changing and shifting world”, presents people with a passage of religious text, before getting them to guess which religion it is from.

The creators of the clip said it was made to “show that there is much to be gained by spending a little time getting to know the ‘other’.”

Commenting on the clip, the Director of Faith Matters Fiyaz Mughal said: “This video shows that young people are a resource that can re-invigorate communities and bring a sense of energy and dynamism that can shape social discussions and dynamics in the future. We cannot have polarised debates marginalising people of faith or marginalising certain faiths. Instead, we need to talk, dialogue and discuss and bring in young people to stand front and centre in future social developments. This video should lift the spirit and help us to move forward in a desire to bring together people and communities.”

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