United Synagogue appoints Hackney official to engage Stamford Hill

United Synagogue appoints Hackney official to engage Stamford Hill

New push for Modern Orthodox living in London's most strictly-Orthodox community

Stamford Hill
Stamford Hill

The United Synagogue has appointed someone to engage Modern Orthodox Jews in Stamford Hill and develop the ‘Hackney Limmud.’

Stephen Brown, who was recently featured in a BBC documentary about some Stamford Hill residents’ relocation to Canvey Island, has been appointed community development worker by the United Synagogue, to help launch “an exciting project”.

The US move, which envisages several events and initiatives, recognises the trend of millennials moving into the area, as well as a number of Israelis “and those not engaged in community life”.

US Community Engagement Manager Yaacov Finn said Brown’s appointment “will help us to reach out to Jews across the area,” adding: “There a number of people who are not connected to a Jewish community but would like to if presented with the opportunity to co-create something.”

Brown said: “Hackney is a fantastic place to be Jewish – and what I think hasn’t been understood till now, is that there’s great potential for Modern Orthodox Jewish life to take root again amongst the younger people moving into the area.”

There are two United Synagogue shuls in the area – Finsbury Park Synagogue and Hackney Synagogue – as well as the Simon Marks Primary School.

Brown said he would “support US shul services, social and cultural activities, build connections with the wider Jewish and non-Jewish communities in Hackney – and generally having a brilliant time doing it.”

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