Union apologises for telling Jewish applicant: ‘Sorry, no time for Zionists’

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Union apologises for telling Jewish applicant: ‘Sorry, no time for Zionists’

The Acorn Union, which represents renters, has said sorry for sending the insult to a prospective member through its Instagram account.

A renters’ union has apologised for rejecting a membership query from a Jewish applicant through its Instagram account, telling them “sorry, no time for Zionists”.

The Acorn Union said it had launched an internal investigation into how the messages came to be sent, after the enquirer trying to join its Manchester branch was also told “we are a pro-Palestine organisation”.

Acorn describes itself as “a community-based union of working-class people” which fights to give low-income communities a better life.

The man’s experience was highlighted by Stephane Savary, vice-chair of the Jewish Labour Movement. He said Acorn not only rejected the application, but that it then proceeded to block the man on Instagram.

The applicant, who used his Hebrew name, has an Instagram profile image that includes the Star of David and the hashtag NoSafeSpaceForJewHate.

When the post was first highlighted by social media users, a staff member at the union’s Manchester branch blamed it on “a security breach”, but the claim garnered a sceptical response. Acorn UK later said it had been “escalated to the highest level”.

Acorn, which is yet to reveal the identity of the perpetrator, apologised for the “upset and offence” caused, adding: “In no way do they represent the views of our organisation.” It also said that it would now be reviewing its social media operation.

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