OPINION: Uni opportunities put home comforts into perspective

OPINION: Uni opportunities put home comforts into perspective

Joshua Rom
Joshua Rom

By Joshua Rom, a Nottingham University student, who tweets HERE.

Joshua Rom
Joshua Rom

This New year is going to be busy if my experience at Rosh Hashanna is any indication of this year, but I wouldn’t have life any other way.

I love to keep busy and live a fast paced life. Sometimes I do struggle to keep up. But in a similar way to Jewish mothers cooking a big Friday night dinner for 15 people, I seem to get there in the end.

My friends ask how I do it, and sometimes even I wonder.

After getting up early for the morning live show Nottingham student television, after a crazy night of filming and editing fresher’s footage; I had the joy of partaking in the 2 hour drive down the M1 from Nottingham to London.

When I got home, my lovely mother sent me to bed.

She knew I couldn’t deal with the annual mini broigus over which Brucha it is for the apple and honey at the Rom Erev Rosh Hashanah dinner without a good power nap.

But the truth is I wouldn’t have life any other way.

Getting heavily involved with student life and activity is why I am so happy.

I keep busy to keep me distracted from missing my family.

Last year, when I was a fresher I found it very disconcerting coming home.

I didn’t know where I was settled.

Nottingham wasn’t quite my second home, yet I was gone from North West London for a long time.

But it cost me. During Fresher’s week I went in with the philosophy, go hard or go home.

It ended up me coughing up my guts and going through 5 packets of tissues, and being ill for the whole of the first two terms.

Imagine how I felt when the grandparents didn’t want to hug me when I came home because I was so ill?

What I will say to students going home for Yom Kippur is to embrace home and not push it away. Don’t feel disconcerted when you return for Yom Kippur but feel relaxed and go with the flow.

Let your Jewish Mother, Grandmother and/or Relative feed you with endless chicken soup. Enjoy breaking the fast with Challa and Honey Cake (Wine/Golden Syrup cake – different recipe’s according to families and yes my nanna’s is the best.)

Yom Kippur is the time to reflect, so ask yourself how I could get involved?

The opportunities at University are endless.

I had a complete career plan change due to my involvement in activities.

Nottingham Student Television is the best thing I ever did, but if that is not your thing there are so many other activities and societies to participate in.

Sport’s teams, even Quiddich if you want to. And obviously JSoc!

JSoc is the best way to make friends and to meet likeminded people.

Go easy on the parties. I am not saying don’t go out because it is fun, but there is no need to get slaughtered on every single night of the entire week, otherwise your health will really suffer.

So relax, enjoy, party and GET INVOLVED!

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