UKIP select chasidic Manchester mayoral candidate

UKIP select chasidic Manchester mayoral candidate

Shneur Odze was unveiled as the Eurosceptic party's hopeful to take charge of the northern city

Stephen is the Jewish News' Foreign Editor

Shneur Odze
Shneur Odze

Greater Manchester could have its first Orthodox Jewish mayor next year – if the city votes UKIP.

Shneur Odze, 35, from Salford, is due to be unveiled as the anti-immigration party’s candidate, pending final confirmation, and said this week that his campaign would focus on “everyday issues, like health, housing and policing”.

He is up against overwhelming favourite Andy Burnham, the Labour candidate who left his shadow cabinet position to concentrate on his mayoral campaign.

However, Lubavitcher Odze said there was “everything to play for,” explaining that UKIP won the second highest vote-share in half the boroughs in Greater Manchester.

“While Andy Burnham is measuring up the curtains, I’ll be hitting the streets, going door-to-door,” he said.

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