UKIP Friends of Israel to hold ‘largest event’ with Westminster reception

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UKIP Friends of Israel to hold ‘largest event’ with Westminster reception

A UKIP candidate with a rosette
A UKIP candidate with a rosette

A member of Britain's United Kingdom Independence Party wears a rosette bearing their emblem during a news conference in central LondonUKIP Friends of Israel is to hold its largest event next month with a Westminster reception addressed by new MP Douglas Carswell.

The event will also be attended by the party foreign affairs spokesman, several MEPs and a selection of prospective parliamentary candidates.

Shneur Odze

Organiser Shneur Odze, who stood as a UKIP candidate at the last European elections, said he also hoped Mark Reckless, who could become the euro-sceptic party’s second MP next week, will be present. He added: “We’re very pleased by the level of interest received from members and elected officials. It demonstrates just how far UKIP has come as a party and how much support the Jewish community has within UKIP. Which should greatly assist us in lobbying our MEP’s – the largest UK group in the European Parliament – on Israel and domestic issues close to the communities heart.” 

Carswell is also set to meet representatives of the Jewish Leadership Council and CST in December – but the Board of Deputies said they would stay away after, in order to save the only euro-sceptic group in the European Parliament, UKIP joined forces with a Polish MEP whose party leader has stated that Hitler was “probably not aware that Jews were being exterminated”.

Last week, the party acknowledged it had “much to do to prove we are a reasonable choice for British Jews” after a poll showed 44 percent believed the deal with the Polish MEP proved Ukip was extremist.

Eight percent nevertheless said they would vote for Nigel Farage’s party – higher for the Greens or Lib Dems.

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