UK Palestine mission accused of ‘misogyny’ and ‘anti-Jewish hatred’

UK Palestine mission accused of ‘misogyny’ and ‘anti-Jewish hatred’

Mark Regev claims a tweet sent out by the account expressed attacked women and Israelis

Israel’s ambassador in London has accused the Palestine Mission in the UK of “misogyny” and “anti-Jewish hatred” following its tweet earlier this week, purportedly showing armed female Jewish settlers.

Ambassador Mark Regev hit out on social media on Thursday morning after the Palestine Mission had earlier in the week described “weird Israeli female settlers armed with machine guns”.

The Mission said the female settlers had “decided to have a live training session… in an archaeological site near #Sabastiya in #Palestine” but bloggers were quick to suggest that the women were in fact playing laser tag.

Regev tweeted: “Rather tellingly, @PalMissionUK’s official Twitter account is singling out orthodox Jewish women playing laser tag as ‘weird’. Is there not an undercurrent of both misogyny and anti-Jewish racism here?”

The Palestine Mission in the UK could not be reached for comment, owing to the Eid al-Adha religious holiday.

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