UJS summit is ‘proof’ of dedication to improving Jewish experience on campus

UJS summit is ‘proof’ of dedication to improving Jewish experience on campus

UJS Summit group shot 1-1
UJS Summit group shot

Students from 23 Jewish Societies across the UK met in Grittleton House in Wiltshire for the UJS annual training weekend summit. 

Over 100 people attended the Union of Jewish Students event, drawing in students from Scotland, Wales and Ireland, thereby making it the first ever International summit. 

The event, which occurred between 28- 30 November is aimed at those just elected to be on JSoc committees, as a way of preparing them for the organisational and practical challenges that managing Jsocs on campus provides. 

To prepare, students events were held, with external speakers and students, to help inform students and give them creative sparks.

Dina Brawer session
Dina Brawer’s session

The external speakers included Keshet UK and Dina Brawer from JOFA (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance), in addition to student session leaders such as Ben Kasstan, founder of Durham University Muslim Jewish Forum, and Hannah Brady, UJS presidential candidate and former founder of the UJS Disabled Students Network.

The wide variety of sessions focused on both specific and general skills for roles on committee, all of which were open to anyone.

These included budgeting, education, campaigning, public speaking, event planning, Israel engagement and even a session on cooking for Friday Night Dinners.

food session
food session

In addition to these session, four sessions where all committees could spend time in groups to plan their years ahead took place.

Jewniversity challenge Birmingham w Amanda

With an intense schedule of speaking and planning, a cross-communal Shabbat with Orthodox, Egalitarian and Alternative Discussions services on Friday Night and Saturday morning was held as a welcome relief.

Friday Night Dinner and Havdallah were also held for participants, allowing all involved to engage in an interesting and useful Shabbat, and summit. 

Ella Rose, UJS President, said: “seeing so many inspirational peer-leaders gather together for UJS Summit proves that Jewish students are passionate about and dedicated to creating vibrant, diverse and creative Jewish experiences on campuses across the country.” 

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