IN PICTURES: UJS Student awards 2015

IN PICTURES: UJS Student awards 2015

Hannah Brady & Ella Rose, the incoming and incumbent Presidents of UJS
Hannah Brady & Ella Rose, the incoming and incumbent Presidents of UJS (Photo credit: David Itzcovitz)

Over 150 Jewish Students gathered to celebrate achievement and activism at the annual Union of Jewish Students awards.

Held at JW3 on Sunday 28 March, the event saw 11 awards handed out. 

Awards ranged from individual recognition such as Dedication to liberation networks, and the prestigious alan Senitt award, to collective recognition, with awards for the best events and education projects and the developing Jsoc award.

Current UJS President Ella Rose, UJS President told Jewish News: “This has been an amazing year and the event shows off just some of the great work that students are doing on campus to create dynamic Jewish student communities. I am so proud to be able to celebrate their hard work”.

List of the winners

JSoc of the year – Bristol JSoc

Alan Senitt outstanding contribution to campus life – Lucy Cohen, Leeds JSoc

Best education project in honour of Fred Worms OBE – Ela Naegele, Oxford JSoc

Interfaith project of the year – Esther Malkinson, Loughborough JSoc

Social action project of the year – Linnet Kaymer, Oxford JSoc

Communication of the year – Hannah Sharron, Birmingham JSoc

Oliver Sweeney event of the year – Olivia Davidson and Sophie Calmanson, Birmingham JSoc

Alan Webber award for Israel engagement – Joel Salmon, St. Andrews JSoc

CST campaign of the year – Miriam Steiner, Daniel Ben-Chorin and Joshua Brill, Brighton and Sussex JSoc

Dedication to liberation networks – Hannah Brady, UCL JSoc

Chaplaincy developing JSoc of the year – Durham JSoc and Newcastle JSoc

Photo credit: David Itzcovitz

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