Two shadow cabinet ministers ‘confirmed’ for Jewdas seder

Two shadow cabinet ministers ‘confirmed’ for Jewdas seder

EXCLUSIVE: Radical left-wing Jewish group won't reveal who attendees will be, after media storm caused by Labour leader's presence last year.

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

Corbyn at Jewdas (Credit: Guido Fawkes)
Corbyn at Jewdas (Credit: Guido Fawkes)

Notorious left-wing Jewish group Jewdas claims two members of the Labour front bench have accepted invitations to attend its seder this year.

The controversial iconoclasts, who rose to fame after Jeremy Corbyn broke matzah at its Passover meal last year, relish provoking the mainstream Jewish community.

Asked whether Corbyn or other senior Labour figures would be attending later this month, Jewdas claimed: “We have confirmed RSVPs from members of the shadow cabinet, but because of the unwanted attention last year we’ve had to really tighten up security for this year’s seder”.

Corbyn was roundly criticised by communal bodies for his attendance at the 2018 event – at which it’s understood guests booed the mention of former Board of Deputies president Jonathan Arkush.

Corbyn defended his presence as being in a “personal capacity,”. He said it was “a celebration of Passover, which I celebrate with young Jewish people from my own community and constituency”.

He added: “It was very interesting talking to a lot of young people about their experiences of modern Britain and I learned a lot. Isn’t that a good thing?”

Last week, in a post about the anti-Brexit petition to revoke Article 50, Jewdas joked about the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust, tweeting: “The Board of Deputies has requested that the Revoke Brexit Petition skip from 5.99 million straight to 7 million out of respect for Jewish sensibilities.”

Tongue firmly in-cheek, Jewdas told Jewish News: “Beans are kosher for Peisach. Also we booed Ken Livingstone but nobody ever mentions that.”

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