Two female candidates enter race for Board Vice-President

Two female candidates enter race for Board Vice-President

The Board

Two female candidates this week entered the race for Vice-President of the Board of Deputies, adding to an already crowded field vying for only three positions.

Marie van der Zyl, a 49-year old mother-of-two who acts as lawyer for several sizeable Jewish organisations, threw her hat in the ring, as did Roslyn Pine, the outspoken Deputy for North Salford Synagogue.

Van der Zyl says she “encourages collaboration” with the Jewish Leadership and that “the Board needs to be more strategic, responsive to crises, lead with authority and leverage community expertise.” She also says the Honorary Officers must “avoid presenting a ‘fait accompli’ to the executive and major policy decisions should be discussed at plenary.” 

Meanwhile Pine has called for an “educational programme” to combat boycotters but says that reference to “illegal settlements” is a “dishonest device to prevent Jews from living in land designated for Jewish sovereignty”.

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