Interfaith genocide education workshop for Tower Hamlet students

Interfaith genocide education workshop for Tower Hamlet students

Mehri Niknam+ students-2As part of its projects for the national interfaith week 2014, the Joseph Interfaith Foundation held a workshop to engage with ‘Srebrenica and Holocaust’, focusing on ‘Lessons of Our Common Humanity”.

The Foundation, which calls itself as a national joint Muslim-Jewish interfaith organisation, committed to fostering engagement through constructive dialogue and interaction between  communities, has held numerous events throughout London especially; including on campuses such as Imperial. 

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The workshop was for 16-year old students at Morpeth School, Tower Hamlet, which has over 1,600 pupils; over 70 per cent of whom are Muslim. 

The project was written and delivered by Tasif Zaman, one of the Joseph Interfaith Foundation’s student advisors.

Tasif Zaman speaking
Tasif Zaman speaking

Mehri Niknam, the foundation’s Executive Director gave an introduction on similarities between Judaism and Islam.

The students learnt about the similarities of the prejudicial common causes which led to the Muslim genocide at Srebrenica and the Holocaust.

Workshop 1-1

They learned about how the victims were dehumanised by their persecutors merely because of their religion.

The workshops challenged the students to become aware of how easily they can become misinformed and prejudiced towards Muslims or Jews which leads to anti-Semitic or Islamophobic ideas and statements. The projects will be continued at other schools.

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