NASA astronaut touches down at Sinai Primary School

NASA astronaut touches down at Sinai Primary School

NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff visiting Sinai Primary School

Jewish children in North London this week met real-life NASA astronaut when he visited their primary school.

Greg Chamitoff dropped in on Sinai Primary School on 17 July and taught his eager audience about life aboard the International Space Station and the feeling of taking his first space walk.

Chamitoff, who is the cousin of a current pupil, also explained some of the scientific experiments that he conducted whilst in space, where he served as the flight engineer and science officer for a 6-month mission during Expeditions 17 and 18.

He shared video footage of his time aboard the Space Station and his first space walk, which still only 200 people have ever done.

“We were extremely fortunate to have him revisit the school today to share his unique experiences,” said Sinai head-teacher Robert Leach, admitting that the adults were as excited as the kids about the visit.

“The pupils were inspired by his talk and were thrilled to have their questions about Space Travel answered by an astronaut who has lived in space for over 198 days.”

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