Thornberry calls on Johnson to spell out ‘red lines’ on Middle East peace

Thornberry calls on Johnson to spell out ‘red lines’ on Middle East peace

Shadow Foreign Secretary warns Prime Minister UK may jeopardise role as 'honest broker' in the region if Britain follows Donald Trump

Emily Thornberry
Emily Thornberry

The Labour Party has told Boris Johnson to spell out his own “red lines” on any Middle East Peace Plan to be unveiled by the White House or else reprise Britain’s role as “honest broker” between Israel and the Palestinians.

The comments, made by Shadow Foreign Secretary and Labour leadership contender Emily Thornberry, were made on Monday in a House of Commons debate on Britain’s place in the world.

“What on earth has happened to the Trump Administration’s so-called Middle East plan?” she asked. “Has the Foreign Office still not had any sight of that plan? Is there even a plan to look at?”

She continued: “Now that he is in a place of greater influence, perhaps the prime minister will press ahead with the international summit that he promised to convene as foreign secretary, so that we, and our fellow allies with an interest in the Middle East, can spell out our red lines on the American plan.

“Or will he go one better, and use such a summit to demand that if the Trump Administration keeps prevaricating, we and others will resume the role of honest broker between Israel and Palestine that Trump is clearly incapable of fulfilling?”

Bob Blackman, Conservative MP for Harrow East, said the UK had greater trading opportunities with Israel, adding: “It is in our long-term security interests to form a security alliance not only with the United States, Canada and Australia but with India, Israel and France, so that we can secure the free world.”

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