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Blogger Avia Amos
Blogger Avia Amos

Move over Zoella, Israeli-born blogger Avia Amos (aka ‘thesparklelicious’) is sharing her passion for beauty with the world – one lipstick at a time

Blogger Avia Amos
Blogger Avia Amos

Those of us who grew up without the internet learnt about cosmetics and perfume from our mothers. This was good or bad, depending on how your mother applied her eyeshadow or whether she merely spritzed or over-doused herself in fragrance.

Today’s young women don’t rely on maternal tips to look good as they get all the advice they need online – notably from other young women such as Zoella, a beauty blogger with more than 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, a six-figure book deal and her own line of cosmetics in Superdrug.

Zoella’s leap from bedroom to bankrolled celeb is the dream of many beauty bloggers, but the key is building an audience, which Avia Amos knows a lot about. Avia, 22, lived in Israel until she was 18 and it was there she developed a taste for all things beauty.

“I would read anything I could get my hands on about makeup, but the older I got, I realised not all girls shared my enthusiasm for the subject,” says the vivacious brunette. “Not wanting to bore people with my constant chatter about lipstick, I started watching YouTube videos and reading beauty blogs from like-minded beauty lovers instead and I knew I wanted to join in the fun.” So Avia came up with ‘thesparklelicious’ as the name for her channel and blog, filmed her first video and posted it, “never thinking anyone would see it,” she admits.

But people started watching – lots of them – and five years later she is the first choice beauty blogger for her many subscribers.

“My channel just grew in a really organic way,” says Avia, who now lives in West Suffolk. “I started coming up with new ideas for content and working with different brands and reviewing the latest products. I enjoy it so much and love discovering a great new product I can share.

“I know beauty may seem like a superficial thing to some, but when I receive a message from a woman telling me how a product I recommended has given her the confidence to rock a red lip, it’s empowering.”

With her inside knowledge of Israel, Avia has now started a Hebrew channel. “They have a lot of the same popular brands in Israel so that is a plus, although Israeli girls tend to like a bolder make-up look and are not afraid to look ‘made up,’ while British women like a more natural low-key look, but I will be able to come up with the right things for both. If you clearly love what you do, are honest and engaging, people will want to watch you.”

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