Theresa May pledges to tackle ‘growing hatred’ in HMD message
HMD 2019PM urges tolerance

Theresa May pledges to tackle ‘growing hatred’ in HMD message

Prime minister joins MPs from across political divide in signing the Holocaust Educational Trust's book of commitment

Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to tackle “growing hatred” in her handwritten message ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day.

The embattled PM took time out from the Brexit crisis to record her thoughts in the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) Book of Commitment on Wednesday.

She wrote: “No words can ever do justice to the six million who were so cruelly murdered in the Holocaust but we can pay a fitting tribute through our deeds today.

“In a world where hatred of others is becoming increasingly commonplace, we can choose to stand as one against those who peddle it. At a time when Jews are being targeted simply because of who they are, all of us of any faith can come together in their defence.”

She added: “As the Shoah begins to drift to the edge of living memory, we can once again commit ourselves to remembering those who were murdered, and to ensure that such a human catastrophe is never permitted to happen again.”

Her comments came hours after Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said there could be a “creeping rise” in people radicalised by far-right extremism, with the “febrile” atmosphere around Brexit giving rise to divisions and hate crime.

Other MPs who signed the book of commitment include Labour’s Emily Thornberry,  John Mann, Joan Ryan, Jess Phillips and Tanmanjeet Dhesi. Conservatives who have signed include James Cleverly, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Matt Hancock, as well as the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford.  

MPs from all parties have signed the book of commitment
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